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The current Coronavirus COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on our economy and personal lives. Your safety and that of our employees and partners is paramount. However, please be assured that we have appropriate measures in place to ensure we can continue to service you as efficiently as possible under the present circumstances.

Due to safety measures adopted by government and business partners, we may encounter unavoidable delays due to shortage of manpower or available spare parts. We apologise that in circumstances where our customers are unwell, we may not be able to service you until a later date.

Product Care Team.

Questions and answers

What are my rights as a consumer?

We recognise that Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law are important and cannot be limited or excluded. The rights under Product Care are in addition to Your rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law. You are not required to pay for Your rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law. Nothing in Your Product Care plan excludes, restricts or modifies Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. At Annexure 'A' is a table that compares Your existing rights under the Australian Consumer Law with Your additional rights under Product Care.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is simple. You can register Your claim online at or call Us on 1300 880 459. All You need is Your Original Documents.

What if I have lost my receipt?

If You contact Your original store of purchase, they will be able to provide You a printed copy of Your receipt. If You cannot recall where Your Product with Product Care was purchased, contact Us on 1300 880 459 and We can help You.

What if there is no fault found?

Occasionally, faults can be caused by the use of a product outside of the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer. If You suspect a fault with Your Product, We always recommend referring back to the original documentation provided with Your Product with Product Care and performing troubleshooting prior to registering a claim. You may incur charges with Your claim if Your Product is found to not have an Eligible Fault.

Should I take my product back into the store of purchase?

We recommend that You contact Our Customer Care team prior to transporting a Product. You may not be required to transport Your Product. Our Customer Care team can talk with You about what options You have to get Your Product assessed as quickly as possible. Contact Us on 1300 880 459.

TIP: You can lodge a claim or make an enquiry 24/7 at

What faults am I protected against?

You are protected against all Eligible Faults (as defined on page 12 of the Terms and Conditions) that Your Product with Product Care may experience. Eligible Faults may include electrical, electronic and mechanical faults or faults caused by dust, internal humidity, normal wear and tear, and any defects in materials and workmanship. The nature of a fault must be assessed by Our service agent upon lodgement of a claim.

When does my cover start?

Your Product Care starts on the expiry of the Manufacturer's Voluntary Warranty Period for Your Product. This period may differ between products.

Do I get an immediate replacement?

No. Firstly, it’s important that We arrange to have Your Product assessed by an authorised agent before replacement options are confirmed. Assessments are handled by Our Customer Care team, and all freight fees to transport the Product for assessment are covered if an Eligible Fault is found. If an Eligible Fault is not found, You may be liable for those freight fees and assessment costs.

What information should I have handy before I register my claim?

In order for Us to provide You with an easy and hassle free claim registration process, We ask that You have the following items handy when calling Our Customer Care line:

  • A copy of Your Original Documents;
  • The brand, model and serial number of Your Product; and
  • Your contact details, including phone and / or email.

Am I covered overseas?

Yes. You can make a claim from anywhere in the world. See the Terms and Conditions for the claim process.

What faults are not covered?

Your Product Care does not cover any Eligible Fault Exclusions which include faults caused by physical damage, product misuse or using the product outside the Manufacturer’s guidelines and faults due to electrical surges and software issues. For a complete list of exclusions, please read the Terms and Conditions, which are set out in this brochure.


For more information please download the appropriate product brochure. If you would like to speak with someone, please contact us

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